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The Berry People

Limited edition- Kishmish paan

Limited edition- Kishmish paan

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Step into an exotic flavor realm with The Berry People's Kishmish Paan. Sweet, succulent raisins are infused with the distinctive aroma and taste of paan, harmoniously uniting tradition with delightful sweetness.

Dive into the rich allure of our Kishmish Paan:

  • Cultural Culinary Romance: Experience the essence of classic paan - aromatic betel leaf extracts, cardamom, and subtle hints of rose - interwoven with the natural sweetness of sun-dried raisins.
  • Health Meets Heritage: While the raisins provide a dose of antioxidants and energy, the paan essence offers a refreshing aftertaste, reminiscent of traditional Indian palate cleansers.
  • Versatile Indulgence: Perfect as an after-meal treat, a unique ingredient in desserts, or simply as a snack that transports you down memory lane.
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