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The Berry People

Limited edition- Kaju Peri Peri

Limited edition- Kaju Peri Peri

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Unleash a burst of African flavors with The Berry People's Kaju Peri Peri. Each premium cashew is masterfully coated in a vivacious blend of peri peri spices, delivering a scintillating heat that’s beautifully balanced by the creamy nuttiness of the cashews.

Immerse yourself in the zesty realm of our Kaju Peri Peri:

  • Spice Odyssey: Infused with authentic peri peri chilies and select spices, every bite takes you on a rollercoaster of warmth and zest.
  • Nutrient-packed Kick: While your taste buds dance to the spicy tunes, your body benefits from the protein, vitamins, and minerals inherent to our superior cashews.
  • Snacking Game-Changer: Be it movie nights, parties, or just an afternoon snack, these cashews elevate the occasion with their robust flavor.
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